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Paranormal Mysteries

Paranormal Mysteries

Over the years, some of our guests have chosen to stay longer than most. Depending on their moods, you may experience an unexplained event or receive a visit from any one of the three ghosts known to still inhabit the Karsten Hotel.

Three known spirits make the Historic Karsten Inn their home. They became active after the first facelift of the Hotel Karsten in 1966. The entities of Agatha the housekeeper, William Karsten Sr. and young Billy Karsten III have made their presences known to the living. Two of the entities, William Karsten Sr and young Billy Karsten III are friendly and gentle, while the third entity, Agatha shows a variety of emotions and behaviors, ranging from being helpful to being mischievous, to showing disapproval to being a little nasty, but never evil.

In addition, others have had experience at our city morgue

If you are a spirit or entity looking for a new place to haunt we can gladly assist you in accommodation too. We offer great rates to those who are not in the realm of the living.

Eternal Paranormal Guests


Agatha Struck, the most famous of the apparitions, worked as a housekeeper from 1925 until 1937. She had the misfortune of falling in love with Karsten, whose spirit has been seen and heard in the tavern.

Agatha’s history is a sad one. In 1921, young Agatha was raped by a drunk neighbor near her father’s farm. She had a child as a result of the sexual assault which her parents raised. They needed more money, so Agatha went to work. It is said she fell in love with William Karsten Sr., who didn’t love her back. She was given a room on the third floor, 310. She left the Hotel Karsten to take care of her ailing father in 1937. She then stayed and lived out her years on the family farm.

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It is not surprising that Agatha is the most active entity.

  • Apports, such as old-fashioned gray hair pins are found by staff.
  • Her apparition has been seen and heard sweeping the halls endlessly.
  • While cleaning a mirror, a staff member saw a woman in a 1930′s maid uniform standing behind him, with her hair up in the customary bun of the time.
  • Room 310 – An unexplainable cold spot is felt in her old room, 310, and in the southwest corner where the maids quarters were located. One guest became cold while sitting in the bed in room 310, and was treated to a misty form floating through the room, into the wall. An example of Agatha getting some chuckles at the expense of the living!
  • She can be helpful. One Christmas, an employee was standing on a stool to get down the boxes from a third floor storage closet. She would take each box down to the first floor lobby. After taking two of the three boxes down from the shelf, and transporting them down, she returned to get the third box, which she had left high on the shelf. Imagine her surprise when she found the box had moved itself down to the floor of the closet!
  • She also dislikes men in general, and hates workmen and drinking. Imagine how annoyed she was when workmen came to work on the Hotel! During the 1984 renovations, workmen were treated to the full treatment: Tools were moved and turned off without any help from the living. Open doors closed by themselves, lights had a mind of their own and they experienced annoying cold spots.
  • Agatha likes to tease the staff by knocking over the sugar bowls and salt shakers, and likes to turn the heat on the burners up!

William Karsten Sr.

William is a gentile spirit, who on occasion gets annoyed or has a mini temper tantrum, stays to remember good times, in a place he loves.

  • An unpleasant odor is sometimes noticed on the second floor, which drifts through the building on occasion.
  • When annoyed, he likes to move the furniture around in his room. When upset, a sour smell is in the air.
  • Women on the second floor feel a male presence staring at them, but when they turn around, no one visible is seen.
  • Cold spots are sometimes felt in his old suite.
  • His apparition likes to sit in the bar and drink a beer on occasion, as one guest discovered.

Billy Karsten III

William Karsten’s adoring grandson, Billy, who died of meningitis at the tender age of five, is often spotted running down the halls of the second floor, bouncing a ball and laughing. Billy is a sweet-natured entity, aged 5 years old, with all the energy of an active boy, even in this state of existence.

  • His favorite activity is running down the hall to his Grandpa’s rooms. People have heard the running footsteps.
  • Children have reported playing with a young boy, on the second floor, who strongly resembles the boy pictured in Billy Karsten III’s portrait.

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